Preservation How-To Technical Briefs

The National Park Service has a helpful series of Technical Briefs on preserving, rehabilitating and restoring historic buildings.  These publications help historic property owners recognize and resolve common problems prior to work, and recommend methods and approaches consistent with the historic character of buildings.  They are especially useful to those who want to utilize Historic Preservation Tax Credits because they are consistent with the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation.


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  1. The Preservation of Historic Signs
  2. The Preservation and Repair of Historic Log Buildings
  3. The Maintenance and Repair of Architectural Cast Iron
  4. Painting Historic Interiors
  5. The Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance of Historic Slate Roofs
  6. The Preservation and Repair of Historic Clay Tile Roofs
  7. Mothballing Historic Buildings
  8. Making Historic Properties Accessible
  9. The Preservation and Repair of Historic Stained and Leaded Glass
  10. Applied Decoration for Historic Interiors: Preserving Historic Composition Ornament
  11. Understanding Old Buildings: The Process of Architectural Investigation
  12. Protecting Cultural Landscapes: Planning, Treatment and Management of Historic Landscapes
  13. Appropriate Methods of Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards in Historic Housing
  14. Removing Graffiti from Historic Masonry
  15. Holding the Line: Controlling Unwanted Moisture in Historic Buildings
  16. Preserving Historic Ceramic Tile Floors
  17. The Seismic Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings
  18. The Maintenance, Repair and Replacement of Historic Cast Stone
  19. The Preparation and Use of Historic Structure Reports
  20. The Use of Awnings on Historic Buildings: Repair, Replacement and New Design
  21. Preserving Historic Wooden Porches
  22. The Preservation and Reuse of Historic Gas Stations
  23. Maintaining the Exterior of Small and Medium Size Historic Buildings
  24. Preserving Grave Markers in Historic Cemeteries
  25. Historic Decorative Metal Ceilings and Walls: Use, Repair, and Replacement
  26. Lightning Protection for Historic Buildings

51.  Secretary of Interior Standards for Preservation

52.  Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation

53.  Secretary of Interior Standards for Restoration

54.  Secretary of Interior Standards for Reconstruction

55.  Secretary of Interior Guidelines for Sustainability