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Historic Preservation Adds Value to Communities

If you enjoy shopping along one of Kentucky’s charming Main Streets, driving through our historic neighborhoods, and visiting our historic landmarks, then you know why historic preservation is valuable.  These places contribute to our quality of life and vibrant communities by connecting us to our heritage and defining our strong sense of place.


Historic preservation is smart and sustainable.

It is an effective, proven tool for a wide range of economic and community goals, including small business incubation, entrepreneurship, affordable housing, senior housing, neighborhood stabilization and diversification, job creation, heritage tourism and cultural arts.  Historic properties —appropriately preserved and adequately redeveloped — are environmentally responsible because they conserve building materials.


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Historic preservation has tangible value, and we have the numbers to prove it.

Our historic sites set Kentucky apart from other places.  Their diversity, character and authenticity speak for themselves, but these qualities also translate into private investment dollars, increased tax revenues, jobs, community redevelopment and public-private partnerships, which strengthen our communities.


Preservation Kentucky needs your financial support.

Now more than ever before, Preservation Kentucky’s work is crucial — work to advocate for historic preservation on the local, regional and state level, to protect legislation that fosters preservation investment, and to provide communities with the tools they need to preserve historic properties.


With continued support from people like you who believe in protecting our special places, we can accomplish a great deal together.  Please include us in your charitable giving now and help us keep Kentucky’s greatest amenities, our historic places!



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