Preservation Grants

The Kentucky Preservation Fund


The Kentucky Preservation Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bingham, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Owsley Brown, II, and Mrs. Linda Bruckheimer to celebrate the 2004 National Preservation Conference in Louisville and provide funding for preservation projects in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The program is a partnership with Preservation Kentucky, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Kentucky Heritage Council.


Typical uses for grants from the fund include community revitalization efforts, feasibility studies for endangered buildings and sites, architectural planning, landscape research and planning, development of heritage education programs, emergency stabilization, and co-sponsorships of workshops and conferences.


The Kentucky Preservation Fund uses the National Trust Preservation Fund application form and eligibility requirements.  Application deadlines are February 1, June 1 and October 1.  Generally grants from the Kentucky Preservation Fund range from $500 to $5,000 and must be matched on a dollar-for-dollar cash basis.



For more information, contact Preservation Kentucky


Edith S. Bingham Education Fund


The Edith S. Bingham Education Fund was established in 1999 by Mrs. Edith Bingham, a leading preservationist, generous philanthropist and Preservation Kentucky Advisory Board member who has supported historic preservation education for many years, and was instrumental in the development of Kentucky’s first Historic Preservation Graduate Program.


Mrs. Bingham created this Fund to help individuals further their education.  It is intended for students pursuing a degree in Historic Preservation at the University of Kentucky to help cover expenses directly related to their degree studies.  Grants may cover tuition and other expenses, such as books and classroom materials.


The Edith S. Bingham Education Fund is managed by Preservation Kentucky.


For more information and to receive a copy of the grant application, contact Preservation Kentucky at 502-871-4570 or email grants[at]


The Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer Preservation Fund


The Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer Preservation Fund for Kentucky supports the preservation of historic buildings, communities and landscapes specifically for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


The Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer Preservation Fund is unique and differs from the Kentucky Fund because it provides grants for the restoration, rehabilitation, stabilization, and preservation of designated historic sites and structures, including bricks-and-mortar construction and work to preserve archaeological sites.


These bricks-and-mortar grants range from $2,500 to $10,000, and approximately $13,000 in funds will be available for grants each year.


Application deadlines are February 1, June 1, and October 1.


The Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer Preservation Fund is managed along with the Kentucky Fund by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Details for the criteria and application process are available at here.


National Grants


The National Trust sponsors several other granting opportunities non-specific to Kentucky, such as the Johanna Favrot Fund for Historic Preservation and the Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund. For more information, please visit the National Trust’s website.


State Grants and Tax Credits


There are limited grant opportunities in the state of Kentucky for historic preservation specifically.  However, there are tax incentives to help both home and commercial building owners.  As of 2005, the Kentucky Heritage Council administers a State Historic Preservation Tax Credit program, in addition to the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit program.


For details on the state and federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit, visit the Kentucky Heritage Council’s website on Rehabilitation Tax Credit Programs here.


The State credit offers homeowners, businesses, nonprofits and local governments returns between 20-to-30 percent of their certified rehabilitation expenses on properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Other state programs and grant opportunities include: