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Crescent Hill Reservoir Gatehouse Weathervane closeup Jefferson County

    Jefferson – Louisville – Site 2 of 3

    Event: Crescent Hill Reservoir Gatehouse Tours and WaterWorks Museum Exhibits

    Sites:  Crescent Hill Reservoir Gatehouse, Reservoir Avenue / Water Tower WaterWorks Museum, 3005 River Road (Zorn and River Road), Louisville

    Days:  Walking Wednesdays - Second Wednesday of the month, May - September

    Hours:  11:00 am - 1:00 pm and 5:00 - 7:00 pm.

    Louisville Water staff will be on hand from to answer questions and offer insights into the history of the Gatehouse.

    Admission:  Free

    Contact:  Kelley Dearing

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      The exterior masonry of this historic structure ranges from rock face and smooth face limestone, granite, marble and precast concrete.  The combination of these textures and materials create a sense of ruggedness and sophisticated beauty.  Constructed in 1881, the Louisville Water Company Gate House in Crescent Hill Reservoir sits between the two 53 million gallon reservoir basins. This historic structure contains the valves that control the flow of water in and out of the reservoir. In 2011, JRA was charged with the restoration of the building’s interior and exterior. The restoration included cleaning and repairing the limestone and marble veneer; restoration of the original steel windows and cast iron grand stair; and, new lighting and electrical systems.  The design/restoration team performed extensive research into the materials that were used for the masonry restoration.  The challenge was finding environmentally-friendly materials that would not contaminate the reservoir basins or harm the original stone veneer.  All of the cleaning agents used on the project were water-based chemicals and did not require special treatment of the water.  The four-year restoration project received numerous accolades and awards, including “Project of the Year - Historic Preservation Category” from the American Public Works Association.

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      Louisville Water Company / JRA Architects

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