Cemetery Preservation Webinar

>What are the dos and don’ts of cemetery preservation?
>What are the proper techniques for historic cemeteries?
>How do you begin a cemetery preservation program?



Cemeteries and burial grounds are important places to everyday American life and culture, and present in nearly every community.  Improper treatment can cause irreversible damage to historic cemeteries, so it’s critical that the right techniques are used to preserve and stabilize historic stone and prevent them from further damage and deterioration.  Competent preservation and conservation work includes careful planning; solutions that don’t compound the problem; actions that are the least instructive; treatments that respect the original fabric; and, work that is carefully documented for any future work.
Learn from cemetery preservation pros Andy Harpole and Savannah Darr how to begin a cemetery preservation project, and how to help ensure sound choices are made to avoid harming what you seek to protect


Discussion will focus on current issues in cemetery preservation, such as recording and documenting cemeteries and graveyards, undertaking preservation efforts, step-by-step cleaning instructions, and exploring conservation techniques and issues.


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Meet Our Presenters 


Andy Harpole

Andy is Board President of the Friends of Eastern Cemetery, which he founded in 2013 while he was volunteering clean-up efforts at the Louisville cemetery.  He serves on the Jefferson County Cemetery Board.  Under Andy’s leadership, Friends of Eastern Cemetery received the prestigious Ida Lee Willis Memorial Foundation Historic Preservation Award for Service to Preservation in 2015, and the Oakley Certificate of Merit from the Association for Gravestone Studies in 2016.  Andy and Savannah have given numerous presentations like this one to a variety of groups, including “Friends of” cemetery groups, genealogical societies and historical societies.  Both were both trained by nationally respected stone conservator Jonathan Appell, who lead a cemetery preservation workshop for Preservation Kentucky in Perryville’s Hillcrest Cemetery in 2011.  Andy is currently a construction project manager for Uncle Karl Dyson, which specializes in home renovation.


Savannah Darr

Savannah is Vice-President of the Friends of Eastern Cemetery Board of Directors.  She has coauthored numerous archaeology and architectural survey reports and presented at various workshops and conferences.  Savannah received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Communications from Western Kentucky University, and her Masters of Arts degree in History with a focus on historic preservation and a Public History Certificate from the University of Louisville.  She is currently a Planning and Design Coordinator for Louisville Metro Government where she works with Metro’s historic preservation districts, writes and manages grants for historic building surveys and preservation, and conducts internal Section 106 reviews.


Both Andy and Savannah are active volunteers in the preservation community and we’re delighted to have them instruct this veryimportant webinar!