Congratulations to Our 2019 Excellence in Preservation Award Recipients!

Congratulations to our 2019 Excellence in Preservation Award Recipients and those who made the event the success that it was!

Each year thousands of Kentuckians work tirelessly to preserve Kentucky’s legacy reflected in our historic buildings, structures, landscapes and prehistoric sites. Preservation Kentucky established the Excellence in Preservation Leadership Awards in 2012 to recognize exceptional accomplishments in the preservation, rehabilitation and interpretation of our architectural and cultural heritage, and to  distinguish best practices in the field.


Congratulations to our 2019 Excellence in Preservation Award Recipients! 


Award Categories

Preservation Kentucky’s annual Excellence in Preservation leadership awards are named after Kentuckians who have a long service of dedicated volunteer and/or professional time devoted to preserving Kentucky’s architectural, cultural and prehistoric heritage, and underscore the economic development, aesthetic and quality of life benefits of historic preservation.


Tim Peters and Lois Mateus Making a Difference on Main Street – Inaugural Award

Kentucky Heritage Council

For individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to historic preservation by restoring, rehabilitating and adaptively reusing a commercial or residential building(s) that has served as a catalyst for revitalizing a Main Street corridor.  Special consideration will be given for individuals who have renovated a building in communities with a population of 75,000 or less.


Edith S. Bingham Excellence in Preservation Education

Northern Kentucky Restoration Weekend

For preservation educators, projects, or programs that have demonstrated excellence in traditional or nontraditional educational arenas.


Christy and Owsley Brown II Excellence in Public Service to Preservation 

Clest Lanier, Founder, Kentucky Center for African American Heritage

For public officials or civil servants who have demonstrated leadership in preservation policy on the local, state and/or national level.


Linda Bruckheimer Excellence in Rural Preservation Award

Blue Wing Landing Farm, Doug and Kathleen Martin, Owen County

For those devoted to preserving Kentucky’s rural heritage with special consideration given to small towns with a population less than 10,000.


Helen Dedman Excellence in Preservation Advocacy

Tom Eblen, Photojournalist, Retired Columnist, Lexington

For advocates, volunteers and/or professionals who have shown great commitment of time and resources to furthering historic preservation across the state.


Barbara Hulette Excellence as Young Preservationist

Brittney Adams, Warrenwood Manor, Danville

For those under the age of 40 who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in historic preservation endeavors.


Patrick Kennedy Excellence in Preservation Craftsmanship

Eddie Black, Central Kentucky

For craftsmen and craftswomen who have demonstrated exceptional skills and restoration techniques.


David L. Morgan Excellence in Kentucky Historic Preservation Tax Credit

Paducah City Hall, McCracken County  

East Broadway Shotgun Houses, Vital Sites, Louisville

For commercial and residential projects that have demonstrated excellence in rehabilitation using Kentucky’s State Historic Preservation Tax Credit.


Ann Early Sutherland Excellence in Environmental Preservation

American Life Building, Louisville

For leaders who have made a strong connection between the preservation of historic places and environmental concerns, and understand the relationship between the preservation of our built environment and our natural environment.


Preservation Kentucky Excellence in Kentucky Cultural Heritage

111 Whiskey Row, Louisville

For an organization, site or attraction that has preserved and advanced Kentucky’s architectural, cultural and social history through dynamic interpretation and the promotion of historic resources that contribute significantly to our tourism industry and the preservation of our heritage.


Thank You to Preservationist and Philanthropist Christy Brown for Hosting Us at Her Beautiful Home on Saturday, October 19!